The Scaevola Tarot Project




The Scaevola 'Maior Arcana' Tarot Project is an initiative of Brenda Grund, social worker and tarot enthusiast. She has been working on the texts of the hitherto unknown Hague writer, professor and mystic Scaevola and has teamed up with Jessie Hoefnagel (illustrator) to provide Scaevola's tarot texts with appropriate cards.

Jessie Hoefnagel is an illustrator from The Hague, The Netherlands and created the illustrations of the 22 cards. Jessie was the obvious choice because of her drawing style and her strength in depicting human figures.

The starting point for the cards is the Rider Waite Tarot. Since the Rider Waite Tarot carries universal symbolism consistent with the works of Scaevola, it was the most appropriate. Although much of the Rider Waite is reflected, modifications have also been made. Symbolism has been added and in terms of atmosphere, the cards have been illustrated so that the experience of the book is reflected in the cards.