The Hague 'Court' Cards

Maior Arcana 
Hagae Comitis 
Reginae Spinarosae  
(from the -deep in the foliage hidden behind 'hedges'- 
court of the 'counts' of 'Holland', i.e.
'Ten Bosch' of the 'Holy Queen of the Wood' c.q.
'The Lady of the Wood'    
 'L'Ancien et Mystique Ordre de la Rose-Épine de La Haie / A.M.O.R.E.'

22 cards for 22 'archetypes' for the various possible general-human drives as well as their respective opposing forces in the corresponding 'phases' of 'life'

Mystical Hofstad

's-Gravenhage, or The Hague is also known as Hofstad (cf.)

In the late nineteenth century, there was much interest in mystical matters in The Hague. It was the zeitgeist of industrialization, positivism and technological progress that made people seek the 'higher'.

Add to this the fact that at the end of the nineteenth century many retired officials, generals and governors from the East Indies migrated to the increasingly prominent capital of the Netherlands. The notables had been introduced to the 'goenaguna' in foreign lands - the spirit world of the Indonesian tropics, and they were open to all kinds of oriental magic and mysticism.

And so it came to pass in 1859 in The Hague that a few former Indians founded "Oromase," the first Dutch spiritist society. Generals, doctors and ministers came together to make contact with the spirit world, or, in their own words, 'to increase knowledge of the so-called imponderables'.

Interestingly, the epicenter of that Hague spirituality could be located (and is!) around Zorgvliet and the present Peace Palace. Was that a coincidence? Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian founder of the Anthroposophical movement, believed that at that very spot in the eighteenth century the Count of Saint Germain had stayed, and had had a vision there of the most mystical place in the world. Because Steiner saw in the French Count a reincarnation of the legendary early modern mystic Christian Rosenkreuz, he wanted to stay in exactly that part of The Hague. Even today, most of the esoteric buildings and occult organizations are located here, within a radius of a kilometer of the Peace Palace (Source: Guido van Hengel, DEN HAAG, AND WHAT GETS SCUILED (ABOUT THE MYSTIC CORE OF THE HOFSTAD)