Scaevola, writer, professor and mystic

Scaevola is the pseudonym of a 20th century writer, professor and mystic from The Hague, The Netherlands. His main areas of study were psychology, philosophy, quantum mechanics, history, classical languages and cultural anthropology of primitive cultures. He also had a fondness for the tarot. He engaged in esoteric circles in The Hague and Leyden, and in his younger years he worked on experimental psychological and social behaviourist research with lsd. There are suspicions of links to international intelligence agencies, however, these have never been confirmed.

Scaevola's tarot is ominous in nature. Where many tarot card decks are used for personal development and self-actualisation, Scaevola's tarot focuses on the laws of nature, the human life cycle and warns of the potential dangers of our choices and the consequences of human actions. When people talk about Scaevola, 'genius' and 'crazy' are words used to describe him. Who knows, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle....

Scaevola died a mysterious death and his next of kin therefore wish to remain anonymous. They have given permission to publish his works to preserve his special knowledge.