Hello out there Friends of Scaevola 'Maior Arcana' Tarot project!

The Scaevola 'Maior Arcana' Tarot Project is s the result of my three-year study of the works of the so far unknown writer Scaevola and collaboration with Jessie Hoefnagel.
The result is a beautifully bound 160 page linen book on Scaevola's ominous tarot with an accompanying 22-card tarot deck.

The Scaevola 'Maior Arcana' Tarot Project is an art & learning experience project by jewelry maker and tarot enthousiast Brenda Grund (me!). All writing is by the hand of Scaevola and all artwork in the decks is hand drawn by Jessie Hoefnagel. 

I am a jewelry maker with a love for making beaded necklaces and fascinated by the power of Tarot. Feel free to reach out with any questions through the contact page, and take care out there.

...and as Scaevola would say: 

'Respice post te et memento te mortalem esse'