Newsletter April 30th 2024

We are happy to announce that the The Scaevola 'Maior Arcana' book and Tarot cards will be included in the collection of The Embassy of the Free Mind in Amsterdam.

The EotFM library is the foremost privately founded research center for study of the hermetic and other esoteric traditions in Europe. It also houses the Ritman Library. To date, the library holds more than 23,000 volumes on hermetica, Rosicrucianism, alchemy, mysticism, gnosis, esotericism and comparative religion, and has great scientific, artistic, and cultural value.
When the book is printed, we will personally hand it to J. Ritman who has made it possible to share Scaevola's knowledge in this beautiful way.

What is the Scaevola ‘Maior Arcana’ Tarot Project?

The Scaevola 'Maior Arcana' Tarot Project is the result of a three-year study of the works of the hitherto unknown writer Scaevola. This project will now be published as a 160 page linen book with accompanying set of 22 tarot cards.

The Scaevola 'Maior Arcana' Tarot Project is an initiative of Brenda Grund, social worker and tarot enthusiast. Together with Jessie Hoefnagel (illustrator), she converted and elaborated on his works. This resulted in the design for a bound book (designed by Quirine Reijman, graphic designer) on Scaevola's tarot with an accompanying tarot card deck.

 Three of the tarot cards

Who is/ was Scaevola?

Scaevola is the pseudonym of a writer, professor and mystic from The Hague.
His main areas of study were psychology, philosophy, quantum mechanics, history, classical languages and cultural anthropology of primitive cultures. 

He also had a fondness for the tarot. He engaged in esoteric circles in The Hague and Leiden, and in his younger years he worked on psychological and social behaviorist research with lsd. 

Scaevola's tarot is ominous in nature. Where many tarot card decks are used for personal development and self-actualisation, Scaevola's tarot focuses on the laws of nature, the human life cycle and warns of the potential dangers of our choices and the consequences of human actions. When people talk about Scaevola, 'genius' and 'crazy' are words used to describe him. Who knows, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle....

Scaevola died a mysterious death and his next of kin therefore wish to remain anonymous. They have given permission to publish his works to preserve his special knowledge.

 Book & Cards

A spread from the book


The book is a 160 page document about the 22 'archetypes' for the various possible general-human drives as well as their respective opposing forces in the corresponding 'phases' of 'life'. An interesting document for anyone who is interested in human existence and an indispensable addition to the already published works on the tarot.

The starting point for the cards is the Rider Waite Tarot. Since the Rider Waite Tarot carries universal symbolism consistent with the works of Scaevola, it was the most appropriate. Although much of the Rider Waite is reflected, modifications have also been made. Symbolism has been added and in terms of atmosphere, the cards have been illustrated so that the experience of the book is reflected in the cards.

The Wheel of Fortune


Pre-Order / Crowdfunding 5 days left!

If you want to support our project, you can pre-order a limited edition book with accompanying set of cards via the crowdfund page, plus, you can make a donation, however big or small. So far, multiple donations have been made, by the Cultuurfonds,  the municipality of The Hague, The Netherlands and multiple individual enthousiasts.

The sets are marked in pencil with a unique serial number from the edition of 300.
Moreover, you can choose from extras such as a limited edition print, or even a set with a real silver or real gold coin!

If you would like to have more information, please do not hesitate to contact me here, or via email at:

Thank you very much for your support!


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